Myers Musky Lures

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They look good!!  How do those glide baits run?

I am small time right now on my luremaking.  Working on getting things in line with the IRS.  Pricing coming soon. 

I am very happy with the gliders.  The gliders in the first set of pics has an erratic glide and does a belly role on the glide.  I call it the BellyDancer.  The gliders in the second set is my favorite.  Glides very easily and can also be fished as a swimbait with a nice wobble.  I call it the Little Evil.

 May work on getting some videos of my lures in the near future if the river will clear.

Thanks guys! ;D

Here are a few more.

34" caught on a Myers 8"Crank in the Buckhannon River, WV.  Sorry about the pic, it got in the sand on me.

If you need help editing the video send it to me and i will be glade to put the VA musky touch on it


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