Tuf-Line is the stuff

Tuf-Line is the stuff

February 8, 2011  |  Tackle Review

By: Bo Painter

Here at Virginia Musky we’re very excited to welcome Tuf-Line on board as our newest sponsor.   Around here we don’t just accept sponsors because they sent us a box of t-shirts, no it’s got to be a product that we’ve tested ourselves and wouldn’t be afraid to recommend it to our loyal readers.

Here at VM we take our musky fishing pretty seriously so you can rest assured that when we take on a sponsor for something as important as fishing line that they make damn good stuff.  When you get down to it there really isn’t a whole lot between you and the fish, you’ve spent all that money on the baddest ass rod and reel you can get, but they don’t meant a thing if your line lets you down.  Tuf-Line is braided under higher tensions than most braids which means it’s rounder and more compact.  That translates into a line that smoother, handles better, and casts further than whatever you’re spooled up with now.

Other than your hooks, line is the most important part of your set up, so when we say that Tuf-Line is the only stuff that you’ll see on our reels, you can believe that we trust it, and if you don’t trust us then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article anyway.  So go buy some here!

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