Review – Glittertail Musky Lures

Review – Glittertail Musky Lures

May 11, 2010  |  Tackle Review

The Glittertail Lure is a jointed bucktail style musky lure made with a tinsel skirt.  The lure I tested was a 10” Glittertail (Series A-8) in the Bronze Beast color.  There is not enough that can be said about this outstanding color. The iridescent/bronze skirt really shines in the water and produces a lot of flash in combination with two #10 x .025” gold musky magnum blades.  Glittertails are made with larger diameter tinsel than most other tinsel bucktail lures.  The larger tinsel creates more flash and skirt movement.  After producing two 40+ inch muskies this spring when they can be extremely hard to catch, the Bronze Beast quickly became one of my favorite bucktail colors for river muskies in Virginia.  The two 8/0 treble hooks ensure a higher hook up percentage. The front hook is double split ringed and the back hook is split ringed with shrink tubing for better hook ups when they’re short striking.  The 10” Glittertail weighs 3.4 ounces in the A-8 series, but Glittertail offers a lighter 10” version (Series LA-8) that weighs in at 2.8 ounces.

The 10” Glittertail Lure retails at $25.  However, the lure features a joint with two units that are split ringed together and can be purchased separately.  This allows the blade and skirt units to be interchanged with all four sizes of Glittertails. For the 10” Glittertail the blade unit is $11 and the skirt-hook unit is $14.  This jointed bucktail design reduces the bending and repairing that is generally warranted after catching a musky on a bucktail.

Glittertails are offered in four sizes with .051” diameter wire on the Magnum, Regular, and Mini Glittertails and .035” on the Baby Glittertail.  The Magnum Glittertail (Series MA-8) is their biggest at 16” long and features three 8/0 treble hooks and two #10 x .025” thick musky magnum blades.  The Mini Glittertails (Series B-5) are step down from the Regular with one 7/0 treble hook and two #12 x .025” thick Magnum Indiana blades and are 7.5 inches long.  When the muskies prefer a smaller profile try using the  Baby Glittertail (Series C-4) that is six inches long with one 4/0 x 4X strong treble hook and two #8 x .018” thick Colorado deep cup blades.  With about 200 skirt color combinations and various Glittertail sizes as well as interchangeable units, the combinations of blades and skirts are endless.  If you still can’t find a blade/skirt option that you like, contact Glittertail for custom designed blade and skirt combinations at

-Bobby Bernier

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