Press Release:

Press Release:

July 18, 2012  |  news

Indianapolis, IN., July 16, 2012 — Trophy Technologies, LLC, owners of popular fishing tackle brands Castaic, Reaction Strike, Backstabber Lures, Bulldawg rods and several other brands is proud to announce the acquisition of Musky Armor ( Musky Armor is one of the most popular brands of musky tackle supplying baits such as the Krave and Krisco to serious musky and pike fishermen throughout the world.

Trophy Tech continues to purchase strategic brands in the fishing tackle industry focusing on very high quality products that appeal to both fresh and saltwater fisherman. “Our goal is to purchase 2-3 strategic fishing tackle companies per year. We feel we can easily integrate our acquired brands into our company thereby offering our retail customers a superior buying experience as we can offer now 7 brands all housed under the same roof. Many of our very best customers buy 5-6 of our brands which allows us to increase the exposure and footprint of some of the smaller brands in a way not possible if they were to stand on their own”, says Rick Quade, co-owner of Trophy Tech.

Trophy Tech currently manufactures a wide range of products to dozens of OEM customers as well as providing high end fishing tackle to retailers. Their products cater to bass, musky, walleye and inshore saltwater fishermen in the USA as well as predator fishermen in Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world. They are best known for providing the widest range of swimbaits under Castaic, Reaction Strike and Backstabber Lures as well as several patent pending umbrella rigs under their Castaic range. Under the Reaction Strike range, one can find some of the finest soft plastic frogs on the market and top of the line Inshore Fishing products for Trout, Redfish and Snook.

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Kris P Reibel

Partner – Trophy Technologies, LLC

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