Musky Angler Diary Program

Attention Musky Anglers! VDGIF needs your help!

VDGIF, with the assistance of Virginia Musky, will be launching the first annual VDGIF Musky Angler Diary Program. Musky are difficult to manage because they can be tricky to catch with our electrofishing sampling techniques. Low sample sizes make it difficult to make management decisions. Musky angler data is also hard to come by through our traditional angler surveys. So, our plan is to try to fill in the data gaps with a little angler assistance. By participating in this program you will provide valuable data to biologists around the state. We all know that musky fishing is becoming very popular throughout Virginia. By documenting this increase in popularity we can continue to justify the existence of the Musky Program, and hopefully continue to grow and refine it for the future. The diary forms can be printed from your home computer and are easy to fill out. At the end of the year a postage paid envelope will be sent to you so you can return the forms to VDGIF. Please fill out the form below if you wish to enroll in the Musky Angler Diary Program and be re-directed to the instructions page.


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