May 25, 2010  |  Fishing Tips

I have explained these two moon phases in great detail over past issues, but it bears repeating, and I have some newer wrinkles to consider.  Some very strong differences exist in fishing opportunities between the dark or new moon and the full moon.  Most notably, there are far larger feeding windows during the dark or new moon period.  I am not really certain why this is, but I do know it to be fact.

Conversely, feeding windows are often extremely intense, but short in duration during the full moon.  These feeding windows generally coincide with the rise and set of the full moon.  Peaking right before the moon rises, and also peaking right after the full moon sets.   Fish activity seems to drop off dramatically an hour or less after the full moon has risen, and they stay dormant until moon set approaches.

When a full moon is up in the sky, it is very obvious overhead as long as it isn’t being obscured by cloud cover.  This is particularly true after dark. This bright full moon reflects both light and strong gravitational pull.  For some reason, muskies don’t like it.  I know this is odd, but it seems to be the case.  While it is easier to fish after dark with a bright full moon up high in the sky, rarely is it productive.

Here’s something else I’ve noticed that you might want to consider.  The highest potential time for a big fish to hit each day still exist during the daily moon rise and set. ALWAYS time your fishing around the best big fish spots during this predictable daily time period.  You have nothing to loose by doing so, and everything to gain.

Summarily, remember you probably have far longer feeding windows during the dark/new moon versus its counterpart.  Generally, you’ll have better overall day time fishing during the new/dark moon peak.  However, the full moon peak offers intense morning and evening peaks which are often prime for topwater action.   And, muskies are likely to feed daily no matter what phase of the moon you are fishing in, but lesser fish are more apt to be on the prime spots.  As the moon peaks monthly, larger fish become more active.  Good weather makes a moon peak just that much better, while a cold front weakens the overall effect.

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