Sebile Stick Shadd

February 24, 2010  |  Tackle Review  |  No Comments

The silhouette is designed in the image of primary forage fish of the lakes and bays. Its size is a great asset when predators prove to be spooky. Due to the understated keel on its belly the flat stick reacts to each twitch of the rod tip. Try working with a little slack to magnify the effects even more. Read More


February 18, 2010  |  Tackle Review  |  No Comments

As anglers all across North America have been finding out, these 10″ long tubes provide the perfect combination of both subtle and erratic action to persuade even the most stubborn of fish.

Fish them lazy slow or crazy fast, change the weights inside to match the conditions…. is it any surprise that the tube is fast becoming recognized as the most versatile esox bait out there? (Bass anglers have know it for years). Proven again and again by catching fish over 50″ all over North America (including two in less than 10 minutes). Read More

Musky_Innovations-The Jimmy

February 8, 2010  |  Tackle Review  |  No Comments

The Jimmy is a monster tube/custom reaper hybrid soft plastic jerk bait. It is not used like a typical tube which are usually fished in a jigging style and in deeper water. The Jimmy is fished in relatively shallow water and used like an erratic jerk bait. Use a solid wire jerk bait leader when fishing the Jimmy. After the bait hits the water, pause a little to let the Jimmy fill Read More